needlepoint canvases

Canvas only

If you've got a serious wool stash of your own, you might perfer to just get the canvas rather than the full kit. The colour match doesn't need to be exact - as long as the wool colour is not too far off the canvas colour you'll be okay (ie don't try white over red).

You will receive the physcial canvas with the design digitally printed on it (12 hpi) and, in most cases, an email pdf with the Colour Guide (Appletons wool colours)  and a Stitch Guide. Please note that some canvases DO NOT HAVE A COLOUR AND STITCH GUIDE.

Please note that tapestry wool is not included .

Kits with wool are available here.

Mini canvases (25cm x 25cm) are here

Seconds, Samples and End of Line canvases are here.